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Let us be the voice of your convention!

Let us be the voice of your convention! From announcements to entertainment, we do it all! Don't let your con grow silent! We'll spice it up!



We make sure that your panels stay focused, on track, and entertaining. We love geek culture and make sure we research your guests and subjects to get the most information for those attending. 



From Podcasting to Branding, from twitch to marketing, we have panels that will inform and entertain your convention guests all around!



Games we can play on the main stage or directly from our both/table, the fun never stops with Chimichanga Talk!

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Chimichanga Talk!



Podcasting 101: How to podcast for free!

The hosts of Chimichanga Talk! bring to you a quick "hit the ground running" overview of podcasting. They will discuss how to go from concept to completion, how to brand your podcast, and how to market your ideas. A great look at one of the fastest growing trends and how to leave your footprint in its path, all for FREE!!!!

Making it Sprinkle: Using Social Media to get Paid!

You have questions about getting paid? We have answers about getting change!! We can't make it rain, but we can make it sprinkle!!! Learn how to use social media to boost your numbers and increase your pocket change using your blog/podcast to generate revenue!  #FlickingNickles

Who Ya Gonna Call?: Ghost Hunting 101

Helping explain the science behind ghost hunting, Dr. Ehvil Bheard (James Skipper Panhandle Paranormal Investigations), a member of the TAPS group, will cover how to get started in paranormal investigating. This is a great crash course on the basics of becoming the next great ghost hunter.

From Idea to Reality: Self Publishing for the First Timer

A look at what it takes to self publish your great idea! From using helpful tools such as kickstarter, to publishing, to print and ebooks, we cover it all!

The Itch to Twitch

How to start a successful twitch channel and build viewership without spending a dime! We show you how!




Karaoke with a Chimichanga Twist! You can participate as a group or solo, the trick is the song is chosen by drawing from a designated theme (80’s Rock, 80’s Hair Metal, 90’s pop, etc). No matter how good or bad you do, the winner or winners are chosen by roll of a dice. The tie breaker comes with an epic song, performed in sections, with the final survivor chosen via applause! A great time for all as participation by all is encouraged! (45 mins to 1 hour and 30 minutes fill time)

Oh My Geek! Trivia!

This isn’t your mother’s trivia! Or maybe it is… We host a large trivia session themed to your convention! Skill level varies, but we cater to full participation! (45 mins to 1 hour fill time)


A geeky version of pictionary, a team will have to put their fandoms to work as one member has a minute to draw, then the other team member has a minute to guess the randomness that we come up with. Can be played at our table or as part of “Things to Do”! (45 mins to 1 hour fill time)

Shame of Thrones!

Trivia with a mix of physical challenges, find out how far you are willing to go to win the ultimate throne and be crowned King of the shameless.  (45 mins to 1 hour fill time)


Its like America has talent, but without actually having any! Sing to your favorite songs the way they were meant to be lip synced too!  (45 mins to 1 hour and 30 minutes fill time)

Dark Knight Detective Agency!

Criminals are afoot and its time for Roadie Batman to call for some help to solve this crime! Geared towards smaller children, this staged robbery scenario teaches children to use their powers of observation to figure out who committed the crime! (45 mins to 1 hour and 30 minutes fill time)